Welcome to Halona Stables of Deerfield, NH!

Halona Stables is a family owned and operated equine facility catering to all aspects of horses. 

We offer full and rough board options to all disciplines, and we have a full appreciation for the importance of a quality environment for these animals, including feed, air quality, riding environment, and disease prevention.

Check out our services, rates, items we may have for sale, and directions to come and visit our facilities in Deerfield, NH.

Our passion is for quality equestrian training, full-service yet flexible boarding services and best-in-class care above all.

What Does 'Halona' Mean?

Horse in barnYou might be wondering about the origin of the word 'Halona'. It's an North American Indian word known to have been used by the Passamaquoddy Tribe, which was located in the area of Southern Maine. 

Halona (huh-LOAN-uh) was a female-gendered word and meant good fortune or circumstance. It was often used as a girl's name.